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D.I.Y. Tours

We genuinely want you to enjoy your experience

D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) 

If your an Exec, your welcome to contact us for an obligation free consult otherwise use the tips in our webpages, follow the tours in the visitors section. 
Free Consultation:  (it's free because the feedback allows us to improve info for everyone).

Our Tours best for Exec's and/or their team

our D.I.Y. tour database has more than 600+ entries covering Bangkok hospitality and tourism read more

Team Building
Rapport and synergy options in our package tour 

Dental and Medical
World leaders
in Care, Comfort 
so many patients already know
read more

Network groups from Aus to Bangkok
read more

Efficient and relaxing with  Your P.A. to help you or give them the list read more

Golf Mania
There is no better. Must be seen to be believed 
read more

Orientate, Translate and Negotiate to ensure your schedule is seamless and successful read more

Health Check
Professional, Efficient, Inspiring. 
read more

Corporate Products
Promote your logo, buy innovative products read more

Taste the  local culture or dine like Royalty read more

Tailor Clothing
Style that affords your budget and option for remote orders read more

Time out
massagesymbol.jpgSpa centres, Foot massage every day, see the tourism sights read more

question man

Not sure? try "what would I do"