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The Successful Executive appreciates the benefit of Outsourcing.  Outsourcing means appointing a competent 3rd party to manage a necessary task in order to achieve a measured return on investment.
T.E.A.M.  Together Everyone Achieves More
if the FAQ's do not answer your query contact us for immediate attention 


YouTube Video - It will bring you Back

why Thailand


  • We tour Executives (Decision makers) to Thailand for bilateral trade opportunities. Media Article: Austrade with Asean Countries
    • A critical element of trade is understand culture, Bangkok hosts all elements of Thailand's Culture and is the hub to regions.


  • "Sharpen the Saw"  - view the brief video called "it will bring you back"
  • check  the link "Why I love Thailand".  Why not learn something from a Country that has never been invaded, they must have some charm!  

why Bangkok

Busting myths is great satisfaction
Our satisfaction is the acknowledgement from so many visitors 
"Oh my God this place is quite amazing".
Please remember 
  • negative reports by the media help sell newspapers!
  • negative reports by travelers may endorse what they wanted too find.
    Some believe in the culture "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story", others find it easier to justify their fears and reservations.

    Buddhist culture is "open mind" accepting of others, avoid conflict, no violence, massive respect and politeness - it's a good thing!

    why not Phuket

    Phuket (Patong Beach) is essentially Tourism culture, it's a good entry point and we do recommend it.  You can view our opinion on Locations
     You will not have the save "value added" options anywhere outside of Bangkok, however why not do both. Phuket  (Patong) Tourism culture good entry point then transfer to Bangkok.

    why Soi 19 Sukhumvit

    Soi 19 Sukhumvit, Wattana, Klong Toey
     it's a hidden Treasure, (well it was)  
                  • It's a quietish Soi (street) yet is boasts most essentials for visitors 
                  • It's in Farangville (Farang is Thai for Foreigner), most locals can handle your English
                  • It's on the junction of The BTS (skytrain) and MRT (subway), they are clean and efficient.
                  • It's within a few minutes of World class venues for:-
                    • International Indoor Golf
                    • International Accredited Hosptial (Medical/Dental)
                  • The Soi boasts world class standards for:-
                    • Accommodation
                    • Bespoke Tailors 
                    • Dental
                    • Massage and Spa
                    • Beauty salon
                    • Restaurants, low, medium and high 
    Many venues are familiar with our "Logo", everyone in the Soi is a friend..

    We created a Community web Directory "Asoke Soi 19 ".  
    We made Tourism books (linked from that Soi Directory) for everyone to use. 
    You can D.I.Y. but 1st timers should use services to ensure you enjoy the best, we have a unique connection with A.P.A.C. (Personal Assist and Concierge services).  it's priceless

    why "Executives"

    Background              updated: 2010-11
    We created a Travel Thailand website but it's difficult to combine topics of interest for all age groups and personality types. 
    The feedback was the website is boring ie., it's too general .. it is therefore only an "entry point" site and other sites are developed to cater for specific topics.
    ETB is not for the family, unless you have a specific "Value proposition" (other than a low cost budget holiday, in which case your welcome to use our FREE D.I.Y. tour ideas).
    so why "Execs" 
    We needed a focus...
    we decided to focus on a niche market which compliments the AuswaThai "Mission Statement". 
    • Business Exec's have greater influence for to Sponsor our Projects, which include
      • Bilateral Community activities
        • Thai visitors to WA for Cultural exchange or study English
      • Business opportunity for Thailand based people
        • P.A. services - we makes the Exec's visit seamless and create personal contact with Thai people. These people are then candidates for a sponsored trip to West Australia to exchange culture or study English.
          We know the PA concept works well .. because we have trialled with great success.. The job is more of a personal confidant, to take care of a visitor as if they are a friend and with a lovely smile and kind nature the Exec's return the gesture of kindness in promoting the service or supporting a Thai culture to WA.  Visit our Photo album to see the pictures of work and friendship
      • Support Charity - 2011-10 we support WA's sister Joan, caring for slum kids Bangkok - read more
    We believe we can show Executives the "wellness" of the Thai Culture and these leaders can introduce that culture into their Business (foster a better culture for employees) and that will run off into the Community.  To understand this better please see the video above called "it will bring you back".

    what's the value Proposition

    • The Company for trade opportunities - import / export 
    • or
    • The Exec and/or their team for team building,  see options this page


    Variable according to the tour objectives ie., Business, Rejuvenation, Team Building.
    Business is booming, with Asia as our natural trading partner Australia has substantial presence in Thailand. Click on the map to see more about AustCham (Australian Business Chamber Thailand)
    Rejuvenation - business is booming, you need to sharpen the saw. take some time our for genuine hospitality that is 2nd to none.. "there can be but only one"
    Personal Rewards - Team Building
    Business is booming - reward the achievers (it's a lot less than the cost of replacing them) and building rapport infuses loyalty and stability in the organisation. 
    Minimum costs
    1. Flight (Econ) ($1000 to $1300 seasonal)
    2. Accommodation ($40 to $200 per day 3 to 5 stars)
    3. PA service ($60 to $250 per day 3 to 5 stars)
    4. Living expenses are considerably lower than Aus on all price points of Bronze/Silver/Gold
    2010-11 Tour Group of 8 for 5 day tour average cost $2500 for flight, accom and PA (see itinerary)

    Minimum tour cost  - based on 4 days
    Flight, 4 star hotel, meals, daily events and PA service approx aud$2700 pax (min 4 pax)
    The PA service is ideally  1 x PA per 3 guests.
    If you invest wisely you will profit. Apart from the indirect gains there are specific opportunities "Shopping" (Corporate or Personal), Business Network introductions, see the cost comparison model "Cost and Savings". 
    Australian based (owned) business
    should consider financial incentives (rebates) available from Austrade.
    If you are or intending to "export sales of your goods, services or intellectual property?
    then check the Austrade Eligibility checklist.   We consult to export groups and have inbound Corporate network links.
    References - past groups/visitors:-
    1. Team Building groups forum article   2. Past visitors Travel diaries   3. Photo albums
    Memorable experience
    • We structured tours based on years of practical experience shared with friends and business colleagues. 
    • We are proactive - we want to know your objectives and we consult (we do not sell)
    • We are flexible because we "want your repeat business"
    • We are persistent because we believe in what we do
    • We do not focus on price, we focus on the "value proposition"
    I have no doubt once you experience the difference you will no longer measure price ... it's a Vibe thing! see more below separate window

    How do I know this is genuine

    The idea was was conceived and sponsored by SME Thailand and W.A. refer to the page titled "About us" for details of the sponsors. 
    We combine ideas and sharing skills to produce a program that provides value added. Visit our website AusWaThai it offers links to all supporting features Bilateral Travel, Forums 

    How do I get best value

    1. Our focus is "Executives" for Travel to Bangkok. We explain why in our F.A.Q's
    2. If you are serious about the products and services we display please call us for a free consult - we DO NOT sell, we consult (for now it's free).
      Our contact details are in our contact and feedback page.
      W.A. call Phill 0418 927 522 the mobile is 24/7  includes evenings and/or weekends until 11pm (but not before 9.30am as I may be in Thailand) 
    3. 2010-02-06 added page "before you book" view the tips 

    P.A. Personal assist topics

    Why use a P.A.

    A. Personal Assistant Concierge ...(laeh kha suan dtua)
    If your an Executive you'll already know the benefit of delegation.

    Our objective:  Ensure a seamless experience - we Orientate, Translate, and Negotiate

    • We know when to use a taxi or Public Transport system
    • We can save money spending money - negotiate for you or teach you the culture
    • You can devote your time to what you require most - business or relaxing
    PLEASE NOTE: Our P.A's are not Professionals nor are they tour huides.  We prefer you consider them travel assistants, local people that show great enthusiasm for your custom.  Our PA's are either University students or local workers within our "Tour Residence" or Biz Community.
    T.E.A.M.   Together  Everyone  Achieves  More 

    What's the cost

    2011:  There are two (2) types of service required.
    The main function is "Personal attendance" but we know some people prefer to have a "standby"  (phone support) when you want to D.I.Y.
    Personal Attendance - day &/or evening to Orientate, Translate, Negotiate
    • 1500 baht per half day
    • based on Bangkok area, travel and accommodation costs are additional, if required
    • Standby (phone support) included
    Standby (phone support) 24/7 - it's nice to know you have a friend!
    (This service is included with Personal Attendance)
    • 200 baht per hour of talk time (6 min cycles)
    • minimum charge 5 hours in advance
    • Thai phone numbers only. International (including roaming mobile phones) are an additional cost.
      • We recommend you acquire a Thai sim card (calls are very cheap see option below, we can arrange for you)

    How do I get value

    If you have committed to a budget on the promoted products and services (refer cost and savings) you will know how much your saving. The small cost of a PA ensures you arrive to venues, complete purchases and have a call back support ie.,, returns.

    Communication Systems

    Internet Services in Thailand can be erratic, at known times. Mornings are fastest and later in the evening, well you just don't know what will happen (we can explain why).  Many venues offer FREE WIFI but sluggish!
    updated: 2011-01-14
    2010-08 a traveler was hit with a bill of aud$3,000 for 2 wks calls and internet use from their Australian carrier!!!
    after many hours of lobbying the majority of cost was waived - "Prevention is better than Cue" see the tips
    we show you
    a. the benefits of using a local Thai sim for calls or Net and
    b. how to minimise you mobile costs
     2010-10 another visitor was hit with costs of aud$3,900 for 4 wks ...  they did not act on our FREE advice!
    Mobile phone
    It's critical to have a mobile phone - and a major saving using a local Thai number
    A local Thai number can be bought at any 7/11 shop or pre order from us.

    Tip: Divert your calls to your Thai number (check before you leave with your carrier and test the process).

    ·     Why all this trouble – your only here for a few days, time is precious

    ·    Save TIME –if your travel companions want to browse, you can keep going and stay in touch.
       keep in touch with your P.A. 24/7
    cost: Thai sim card: approx 200 baht + call costs at approx 1/3 of Australian rates
    NB: your P.A. can not call your Aus mobile number (unless you pre pay for international call rates)
    Note: Mobile phone calls and Mobile Data Roaming are separate and different costs structures in each Country!
    Mobile Internet 

    Be warned: International Roaming costs are extremely expensive

    Please avoid the shock of a horrific phone bill on return to Australia! (search the net and see for yourself).


    Call your service provider and check data roaming package options and if your phone is/is not locked.

    2. if your "roaming", reset the download count on your mobile to zero so you can monitor download usage.

    3. we show WIFI free venues in our Longdo map page, otherwise ask the venues.

    it is extremely difficult to control the "background" roaming usage - we therefore recommend you divert your calls to a local Thai sim and use Thai net services which are substantially lower!
     Cost comparison   - average consumption per week  Aus Phone  Thai Phone
     Mobile Phone: Calls within your tour group or Biz and Family in Aus  aud$150  aud$30
     Mobile Internet: average access to web pages and web map links  aud$250   aud$30

    Best practice:  

    Mobile phone: Thai Ph sim card 200 baht + 300 baht credit. Approx aud$16 (bargain)..  enjoy maximum calls and minimum downtime

    Mobile internet: approx 900baht per month unlimited download.  Approx aud$32 (bargain)

    nominal service fee applies, the fee is waived if you are already using a P.A.

    Incoming calls on your Aus Phone number (diverting to you Thai number). 
    If the call is likely to be protracted tell the caller you will call back, this will eliminate the cost of the diversion from your aus phone. 
    Calling back to Aus
    if at a WIFI venue or if you have Thai mobile net you can use Skype (if you have skype credit) or Iphone app "Viber" otherwise use the Thai mobile number which will be much less then the Aus mobile costs.

    Dental Topics

    being compiled
    how do I know I will get good service?
    what is good value
     a: general it's around 50% saving ..
    Best Practice
    a: refer forum article (below) ie., pre send info but if not convenient make sure you visit the clinic ASAP for consultation and enough time to return for treatment. 
    If you can not pre send info at least discus general requirements with us for a general timeframe. Remember in Thailand they work longer days so many things can be done.
    Our Directory of Dental Clinics in Bangkok - some venues include their price structure

    Golf Topics
    being compiled
    Why golf in Bangkok 
    What is the best time to play golf
    in the meantime see Golf media this website, top right hand corner of website enter search word "golf"


    Shopping Topics

    Feedback from Tour groups (guys and gals) in 2010-2011
    4-6 days tours - average spend aud$400 - $800 
    was it good value - excellent value
    why: prices were much cheaper, the P.A. service made it seamless, Orientate, Translate and Negotiate.
    PDF: testimonials to be added:  in the meantime see forum article
    see shopping topics this website, top right hand corner enter search word "shopping"


    Tailor Topics

    why tailor made
    why this tailor
    what is best buy
    what is best practice
    Remote orders

    Why tailor made?  

    • Executive look - you look more accomplished
    • Personal Satisfaction - they fit and feel right
    • Motivation - reward for success
    • Great value for Money  
    Why this tailor -  Ambassador Tailors
    Located in our Tour
    Residence Open every day and most evenings 
    Internationally recognised (clients world wide) 
    They visit Australia every year for re orders
    The offer our clients Corporate rates

    What is best buy 

    Business shirts - SUBSTANTIAL SAVING - around 1/3 rd of the Australian market price
    Suits the price is comparable however you have the benefit of nominating the Material and features to suit you

    BONUS include your Name, initials or logo refer webpage photo album for samples

    Bring your favourite dress and material and have it replicated 


    What is best practice

    In person

    • Bring a sample or photo of your preferred material or fashion style otherwise select from a large range and rely on the tailor to give you advice
    • Visit to the tailor ASAP (open from 10am to around 8pm most days) to start the process 
      • Arrange for your P.A. to make an appointment, we suggest you include a visit to other features in the Soi like the Restaurant or a Foot massage or Spa centre 
    • Come back a few days later for fitting, then a day or so later they are ready to collect.
    • The exception will be very large orders or if you have an unusual logo to be applied.
    • The tailor has a checklist  of clothing features (collar style, Pleets, coat buttons etc.,)

    Remote orders

    A Great model for Staff "team building communcation" exercise  and value added (they can then order personal clothing tailor made at corporate rates) 
    • visit our Remote order Tutorial page, the page contains
      • pdf measurement form (guys and girls)
      • pdf tutorial document
      • tutorial video/s (on youtube
    • Group Orders - for family, friends or staff
      • We highly recommend you appoint a project manager (a go to person) to co ordinate
      • each person's measurement form receives a unique  number from the Tailor for re orders
    • Forward measurement form/s to the Tailor (if by email the preferred format is PDF (Free pdf converter).
      • complete all sections and very clear print
      • Corporate Logo (if by email the preferred format is JPG).
      • add your initials or your name to your garment (it looks great, see the  photo album samples).
    • Order 1 sample per person
    • Collect and return to Australia, test fit record any adjustments required.
      • each person has a unique order number, ensure you record the number for future orders
    • Order more as required
    Delivery: Collect during your visit or by post or carried by our Monthly visits to /from W.A. 


    Corporate rates: 2009-11 Indicative: Shirts 800-1,200baht  Suits: 6,000-20,000 baht.
    The quality of the material determines pricing or bring your own material. Several tailors available for price comparison!
    Timeframe: 2-3 days for average size order (6 shirts and 2 suits)
    Options: YOUR Company Logo or YOUR name or initials - unusual logos will require more lead time.

    Do you have a question


    What we do 

    Inspect and populate good ideas it's not an obligation - it's an opportunity read more....