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Roger Mackay Golf Tour 2006 - Phuket Thailand
2010-03: this page was created to share a wonderful experience
Thank you sponsors (my wine cellar)
The page is un-audited (I mean spuling und grarmer) it's late n  I'm enjoying my sponsored products.   


Video Trailer

 if you play the video .. Pause the music gadget (above).
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The full length video (approx 30 mins) is available at most popular music stores for about $"nothing". If you wish to see it, contact BoBo.... I would like a copy back as my copied was not returned! Doh!

Photo Slide Show

The slide show includes captions. To see "names on faces" see instructions below under "Personal Album"

Photo Album

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auswathai live well love much.jpgPersonal Album

With a few key strokes you can create a Personal Album
1. Visit the window "Photo Album"
2. On the right hand side are "Named faces", click on one or the link "view all", then select a Person and a personal album will be generated.
4. You can copy the URL link and email to your friends (or enermies).
If you have photos to Donate contact the Photo Manager E: (do not email the pictures) please include the url of this album/webpage (we have many) and include your contact details.. tell us how many pics you have an of what event or refer to this event in the subject field.

Future Tours

Roger Mackay Memorial Tours - Contact details of the Tour Organiser (Adrian or Puddy etc.,) to be added, regards Lucky!
Golf Tours Thailand (Bangkok) ..  come and see the pretty pics in our Bangkok Tours Album it has a link to Pics Golf in Thailand.